I am a great admirer of Narca Moore-Craig . . . Taking a walk through a natural area with Narca is like seeing nature through the eyes of a great artist.
— John Sawhill in 1993, then President of The Nature Conservancy
Thank you for making my first birding experience so memorable. Your formidable expertise was invaluable . . . The food and accommodations were great and the itinerary excellent, but most of all what really made the trip was your great leadership. I had a fabulous time.
— Dave from Naturalist Journeys Big Bend tour, 2008
Thank you again for a wonderful trip to Alaska. Your combined skills, good humor and ability to lead were always evident, and Iím sure that all of us who appreciate Ďreal prosí had a ball!
— Jim on a Borderland Tour guided by Narca & Alan, 2000
My Grandma Beetle's artwork is delicious.
— Milo at age 3